The massal selection Piandimare

The massal selection Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Piandimare
Piandimare is not only hard work, but also research and innovation.
The massal selection Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Piandimare selected with the help of Vitis Rauscedo for the genetic study, has allowed us to create this variety and to plant it in its perfect environment. Our instinct turned out to be right!

Behind the vineyards there are the Majella and the highest peaks of the Gran Sasso Appennines which, from the end of August to October, help to increase the temperature variation, refining the acidity of the grape and improving its aromatic structure.
In front of the vineyard is the sea, which refreshes the vines during the hottest days and helps to reduce the humidity, allowing us to cultivate without using any invasive chemical treatment.
Finally, the slopes are well exposed to the sun, and this enables the proper ripening of the grapes. The solar energy merge with the saltiness of the soil where once used to be the sea.

The result of this environment are three Montepulciano d’Abruzzo full-bodied and deep wines, smooth and vibrant at the same time. Mouth-filling and elegant, you can taste different aromas from the red fruits (morello cherry in particular) to the spicy cloves, or the sweet and delicate notes of vanilla.

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Montepulciano Line: 2020 Awards

Con un piede nella passata stagione ed uno sguardo fiducioso verso la futura annata da poco vendemmiata, la cantina Piandimare ha presentato i premi conseguiti

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Meet the President

Montepulciano has often stayed in the shadow of wines such as Chianti, Brunello or Amarone and could not find its own space. Yet, its history, tradition and quality are proudly carried on by famous names in the wine world. We then decided to explain this idea through the words of our president Carlo D’Onofrio, who thinks that the time has come for the Montepulciano to get the attention it deserves. Here is what he shared with us about this grape and this territory.


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