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Today is a good day not only for Piandimare, but also for Abruzzo.
Abruzzo region is a land which is often snubbed by the media and too often famous for mostly sad news stories.

After a long and careful work, Piandimare is ready to present three new wines, all entirely based on Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Our goal is to enhance our unique and rich land, letting the world know its incredible value.
Piandimare Montepulciano Blue Label - The explosion of the grape’s identity and the land’s vocation Monolith - a wine made to charm with its elegance and succulence - and Maja, a big structured and aged red wine.

This desire of ours comes from the awareness that it is impossible to value a wine without enhancing the territory and the people who work on the fields.
Piandimare has decided to be inspired by the spectacular hills of Val di Foro and to symbolically put this heritage in a bottle.
We would never forget to give a voice to the people who take care of this land on a daily basis: the winegrowers and the winery members. Seventy members who have dedicated their lives to Montepulciano. Their work did not stop at the vines’ care but went further to the discovery and diffusion of a new local Montepulciano selection: Montepulciano Piandimare, isolated thanks to the collaboration of Vitis Rauscedo.

Another important member of the team is Romeo Taraborrelliinternationally renowned and experienced enologist, Taraborrelli was able to catch the best expression of Montepulciano and to transform it into vibrant and succulent wines. The structure of the three wines is quite strong, but it never results excessive or heavy. In fact, the fruity scents elevate the mouthfeel to a whole new level, along with morello cherry, black pepper, and wild mint, that same mint you can find on the sweet slopes that surround the winery.

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Montepulciano Line: 2020 Awards

Con un piede nella passata stagione ed uno sguardo fiducioso verso la futura annata da poco vendemmiata, la cantina Piandimare ha presentato i premi conseguiti

Our wines

Piandimare Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Blue Label: blue just like the sea that during summers and winters help us mitigate the temperature. Grapes:

The massal selection Piandimare

The massal selection Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Piandimare Piandimare is not only hard work, but also research and innovation. The massal selection Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Piandimare selected with the help of


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