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Montepulciano has often stayed in the shadow of wines such as Chianti, Brunello or Amarone and could not find its own space. Yet, its history, tradition and quality are proudly carried on by famous names in the wine world.
We then decided to explain this idea through the words of our president Carlo D’Onofrio, who thinks that the time has come for the Montepulciano to get the attention it deserves. Here is what he shared with us about this grape and this territory.

Mr President, the premise is interesting: the winery is surrounded by stunning vineyards, fresh and clean air, and healthy plants. What can you tell us about Piandimare winery?
«Piandimare is a winery formed by farmers and members who share a big passion for Montepulciano’s production. This is a perfectly suited territory for this variety, which expresses itself in the best possible way».


We know that a careful mass selection of Montepulciano plants was conducted. Can you explain what it means?
«We have been working to create our own clone through a mass selection from a 50 years old vineyard which had the best grapes possible. With the help of Vitis Rauscedo we were able to realize the selection, until we got an actual production of Montepulciano Piandimare only. So now the winemaker who needs to replace his or her vines, decides to plant the Piandimare clone, to have the best possible quality».


What does Piandimare means, the name of the small village and of the winery itself? The name includes the words “plain” and “sea”, can you tell us more?
«The winery is located on a hill where once there was the sea. When the land emerged the sea descended downhill, but the name is still there “a hill bathed by the sea” Can you imagine what this means for the wine that we now produce? Minerality, freshness, vibrancy, balance». 


If I understand correctly, you are also very conscious about the environment..
«Of course! Our goal is to create great wines out of great grapes, but the good quality comes from the vines, the fields, and by following certain rules. What I mean is: we pay close attention to the pruning, the leaf thinning, and the spring green pruning. But we mainly pay close attention to the environment and the sustainability.
We are working on a project with zero chemical residual and we are also turning the entire production, from the integrated cultivation system, to the biological system. We respect and take care of the land that donates the grape


How long has your family been cultivating the vine and how did you get to this Montepulciano Maja
«My grandfather started this business, followed by my father and then myself, the third generation. I am an agro-expert and over the years I realized that I could dedicate my passion to vineyards. Here the rewarding comes from the fruits, the land, and the producers. This Maja bottle is for me a dream come true. It is an incredibly special bottle of Montepulciano, that contains the love, passion, and dedication of each person who have worked at the project».

Three words you would use to describe Piandimare.
«Humans, passion, territory. That is all I am going to say, because that is all you need to create great wine

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